Want To Breakthrough The BS, Achieve More and Attract What You Want? 
How To Skyrocket Your Life & Get What You Actually Want
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As The Global Head of Transformation at one of the Worlds Largest Healthcare Companies, I’ve Been Able To Oversee The Transformation and Progression of:

1,500 Women... and 50 Teams...

Here's What I've Learned

The Single Biggest Secret To Achieving MORE In Your Life
...without burning out!

Let me know if this happened to you...
As ambitious women, there have been times in our lives where we've heard and we believed the idea of:  

"If You Keep Pushing, You’ll Find What You’re Looking For..."
And so we decide to study and start our careers... 
We get married and start our families… 
We go back to work, work hard and progress up the ladder… 
Get promoted or start a business...

Whatever your route is...
Hoping that IF we keep pushing and keep going, that we will eventually feel that satisfaction and fulfilment that we’re looking for. 

And then we keep PUSHING, striving for that feeling of satisfaction to finally hit us...

But unfortunately, it never does... 
Does that sound familiar? 
Have you been pushing, working hard and doing EVERYTHING you can but you don't know HOW to breakthrough and unlock your true potential?
Or, does your story sound a bit different?  
Maybe you have a vision and clarity of exactly what you want to achieve and you know it’s that missing piece you were always searching for… 
But the doubt is keeping you up at night wondering if you can achieve it or what will actually happen if you do. 
Or worse still… what will happen if you don’t.
Have you ever thought... 

"If I Can't Breakthrough These Limits and Feel Satisfied With 
What I’ve Achieved… 
What Am I Actually Pushing For?”

I believe that the wall you’ve hit is a wake up call. 
You’ve been woken up to open your eyes and start asking yourself what you really want.
To start giving yourself permission to achieve your own dreams, not the dreams of those around you. 
By connecting with what you want for yourself and learning how to reframe your mind, you are able to unblock what’s stopping you, get back in the drivers seat and attract exactly what you want in life.

This is how you breakthrough the limits and go get what you actually want. 

Most ambitious women who dedicate their lives to work, to family and to everyone around them, don’t actually understand what it is that they want to achieve. 
Your ambition, why you keep pushing, and why you have the hunger to achieve more are what is going to give you the fuel to find what it is that you really want in life. 
I spent 20 years taking everything I had learned studying, working and managing many driven women, and broke down what I found into 7 steps that will help you to breakthrough to your true success!

Isn't it time your ambition helped you get what you actually want?

The Success Breakthrough Kit™

Over 30 pages and 75 minutes of training to identify what you want, build the framework and clear the path in order to welcome your dreams into your real life.

Based on proven scientific and psychological methods to determine the factors blocking you from your breakthrough and clearing the roadblocks to unlock true success. 

Designed with strategy in mind following the 7 Step Success Breakthrough System and the core 7 pillars to get clear on what you want and skyrocket your life. 



You're not just buying a framework that will help you to achieve what you want, you’re also identifying what you REALLY want. As soon as you know what you really want, your goals become visible, your dreams become possible and the opportunities become limitless!


If right now you channelled the leader you are in your professional life and showed up as her in your personal life, what would happen? Use the 7 step framework to become the leader in your own life, get out of the passenger seat and into the drivers seat where you belong.


Beyond identifying what you want, our proven formula is designed to help you attract it into your life and not just in a “woo woo” spiritual way. Use the scientific-based system and watch your goals manifest in your life in ways you wouldn’t ever imagine. 


You won’t just be unlocking your true potential but you’ll be identifying the blocks that have been stopping you so far. Clearing the path and removing the roadblocks so you can put your foot on the gas and skyrocket to your success.


Whether it’s a glass ceiling or limiting belief, we’ll smash through those limits so you can reach new heights and take yourself to the next level. When you live from a place of abundance, anything and everything is possible!


Never make a decision by putting the needs of others above your own again. Wake up in the morning feeling connected with life and feel free to make your own decisions without the fear of others criticising you.

WHO IS The Success Breakthrough Kit™ FOR:

  • CEOs / Directors
  • ​Business Leaders
  • ​Female Entrepreneurs
  • ​Ambitious Women
  • ​Successful Women
  • ​Highly Driven Women
  • ​Women Who Want More
  • ​Hard Working Mums
  • ​Any women who have a craving to achieve more!


There are 7 steps in the Success Breakthrough KIT™ that you’ll be following to breakthrough the BS, achieve more and attract what you want. 


A framework to spark inner conversations on what you actually want in life (not for your family, not for your loved ones, for you.) As they say “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.


A powerful exercise to train your brain and unlock your potential with incremental progress every single day. 


A simple yet extremely powerful process to dig deep into your emotions and beliefs around what you want.


A formula designed to stretch you and push past the limits currently stopping you from achieving what you really want. 


The driving test of your new life. Are you open and ready to unlock everything you’ve ever wanted?


A powerful formula to dig deep to identify what may be stopping you and heal any unconscious blocks in the way. 


 The final puzzle piece to bring everything together. Train your brain to speed up the co-creation process and attract what you want into your life.

The 7 Step Success Breakthrough System™

Value: $297

A pack of materials, exercises and activities, backed by science, that are proven to identify what you want, remove the roadblocks and train your brain to skyrocket your success. 
I invested close to $400K to learn and master these techniques so they are actually worth a lot more. 

7 Steps, 30 pages, 12 powerful exercises following the Success Breakthrough System™. 

When you get the Success Breakthrough Kit™, you’ll get your hands on the proven formula to breakthrough the BS, connect with what you really want and identify the steps to make it a reality. You’ll get access to guides and workbooks so you can go at your own pace as you follow the 7 Step Success Breakthrough System™. 

Whether you already know what you want or you’re just fed up of feeling like you’re living your life for everyone but yourself, you can find the answers you need to manifest your dream life and finally have the freedom to choose what you really want.

VIDEO: How To Get Clarity

Value: $49

In this powerful training video, we’re going to unlock what it is that you really want and get undeniable clarity on the goals that you want to achieve. Whether you know what you want right now or you just feel like there’s something missing, this training will introduce you to the world of manifestation and identifying what you really want for yourself.

VIDEO: How To Breakthrough Your Limitations

Value: $99

Of course I’m not just going to show what you want without helping you to remove the limitations that are stopping you right now. I’m also going to give you a video training on how to breakthrough your limitations and walk you through the framework that has helped me achieve more than I could ever have imagined, all by training my mind and I’ll help you to do the same.

VIDEO: How To Clear Your Roadblocks

Value: $129

You don't need to be a psychologist to dive into your unconscious mind. In this training video, we’re going to dig deep to what is really stopping you on a subconscious level and clearing those blockages so you can flow freely and manifest what you really want for your life.

VIDEO: How To Create Your Blueprint

Value: $79

One of the most important parts of achieving more is to bring it into a reality. With this training video, I’m going to share with you two powerful exercises to embed your dreams into your reality and create a blueprint for your success so there’ll be nothing stopping you to skyrocket your life!


But wait... there's an extra bonus:

BONUS: Facebook Community for Customers Only

Value: Priceless

If you buy the templates today, you'll also get an invite into our BONUS Facebook community that has over 200 fellow women using the Success Breakthrough Kit in their lives. If you need some help for how to use the kit – we’ve got you. 


YOU PAY: $397

And for the sceptics out there, these aren't random value numbers. I actually invested close to $400K on studying with the top experts and mastering these techniques you don't have to. 


‘Insightful with her wisdom and laser like as she cuts through your old story to awaken a greater version of self. If you are after transformation then I highly recommend Eva Martins.’ 

 -Vanya Silverten from the UK
“Eva is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to grow professionally or personally. She lives her life with passion, strong determination and with a true commitment to help others to unleash their dreams. 
Eva combines her own personal experiences and wisdom with a lot of training and world class courses she has absolved which makes her a unique coach. Be ready to have fun while you discover a better version of yourself and start seeing the world around you with new eyes!.”

- Myriam Vanscheit, Switzerland


Hi I'm Eva

During all my career I have seen women believing they were never good enough, never smart enough, never ready for the next role while men would jump on it. I have seen them struggling, trying to be perfect in all areas of their lives, being a good mum, a good wife, a great professional, an amazing friend…and getting exhausted…and most of the time forgetting themselves along the way.

I know how it feels like…I have been there.
Being a strong corporate woman, a leader, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and every other role you fulfill is extremely challenging nowadays. I understand. It’s exhausting trying to be perfect in all areas of life: being a sensitive, receptive and guiding mother, empowering our children to be independent kids while keeping them safe; being a nice, caring and sexy wife; and being a go-getter at work. I, for one, felt like I was sacrificing myself almost all of the time.
The environment is demanding, and you feel you need to be at your best every day. 
I felt this way too. And I almost lost myself along the way....

I will never forget the day I woke up and felt that I had no more feelings. There was no feeling of connection anymore. I was doing more and more every day and it was never enough. Everything was a struggle.

I started a new journey of conscious self-discovery, uncovering mind programs, patterns and beliefs which were limiting instead of empowering me. I began to understand the misconceptions of the feminine and masculine powers. I invested in my self-development, which was the best investment I could have done in my life. I was trained by Tony Robbins #1Life and business strategist, Viana Stibal founder of Theta healing® , Brandon Bays founder of The Journey method, Kevin Billet founder of the Visionary leadership Academy, John Grinder founder of NLP, Joe Dispensa, Joe Vitale and many others…These and other elements are all the skills I now share to support women in rising up their game.  

Living and embodying our feminine self-identity, with all its beauty and sensitivity, is in fact much more powerful and fulfilling than always being in your masculine energy. In our feminine energy, we can still be this strong force of nature, taking action and moving forward. In STOP BELIEVING THE B.S. I share how to avoid the same mistakes, pretending being something you're not, rejecting your own inner self.
Looking forward in supporting you

With love,


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